Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

Let’s face it, weddings and other events are planned quite often without the help of a professional planner.  Some think our services are a luxury.  Gosh, I have even been in meetings where a catering manager tells a client (in front of me) that they do not need a planner.  WOW.  Those are the people who have no idea what a professional experienced event planner offers to a client.

For one thing many of our clients are super busy professionals who have a vision of what they want their wedding to be but do not have the time to dedicate to bring that vision to life.  The process of venue and vendor research is extremely time consuming.  The last time I checked the Knot there were almost 100 photographers in the NYC / NJ market.  How can a busy couple distinguish between someone who bought a camera last year and threw together a website, from seasoned professional who has photographed hundreds of events in the style that the client is asking for.  My team has developed relationships with vendors we are confident in recommending because they are talented, reliable, and essentially the best in the business.  I have a knack for partnering certain vendors with certain clients.  The personalities have to click.  There is nothing worse than experiencing a brides annoyance with a particular vendor.  If a planner does her job correctly this should not happen.

Who wants a cookie cutter wedding?  None of the brides I work with.  I constantly get calls from couples who are looking for something unique, whether it be the venue, design, or simply one detail that makes their wedding different from the 10 others they will attend this year.  My team makes that happen.  We spend the time to get to know you as a couple so that we can incorporate your personality into the event.  Perhaps there is something unique about where you met, where you got engaged, college, family.  Whatever it is, our focus is to make this about you, not about us.

My team will do WHATEVER it takes to keep you calm, cool and oblivious.   Sometimes things go wrong that are out of our control.  Mother Nature does not always provide a sunny 60 degree day.   Blizzard?  We have been there.  The officiant had to cancel, he could not get to the hotel.  I called the local mayor, explained the situation and jumped in my Jeep to pick him up to perform the ceremony.    The band could not make it either.  This could have been a disaster but fortunately I have solid relationships with some fantastic musicians and was able to pull together a band at the last minute.  If this bride did not have 6 Degrees of Celebration as her planner and tried to do it herself, what would have happened?  She would not have had a wedding that day.  This is a worst case scenario but things happen.  We fix them and for the most part you will not know until after the wedding if at all.

Support… there are weddings that happen where I do not meet the groom until the wedding day.  Many men are not all that interested in selecting flowers and discussing seating arrangements.  Sometimes the mother of the bride lives far away and cannot help with these details or is busy with her own professional life, or as some have told me, would like to keep the peace and therefore do not want to become overly involved with the plans.  We are your planning partner.  We do not make your decisions but provide you with the tools needed to make the right decisions.   The catering manager who told my bride that she does not need a planner leaves the office at 5:30pm every evening.  She will not go to your bridal gown fittings with you. She will not attend the sample centerpiece meeting.  Her experience is limited to the events she sees at venue at which she works. If your wedding ceremony is held off site at a church or other location, the catering manager is not there to set this up or to line up the bridal party or to cue the musicians.  Only a planner will do that. 

Experience…Well known and respected planners have been doing this successfully for quite some time.  I am amazed by the increase in “planners” in the market lately.  Some brides enjoy the planning process to much they try to make it their living.  Planning one event does not a wedding planner make.  I cannot recall a time when I or anyone on my team was unable to provide a client with something that was  needed in the planning process regardless of how unique the request may have been.  Inexperienced planners will cost you time, money and in long run perhaps the memory of a perfectly planned and flawlessly executed event.  Ask for referrals, both from former clients and industry professionals. 

More to come….