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Brand Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah

As an event planner, I feel strongly that every party has its own unique identity.  When we work with our Bar and Bat Mitzvah clients, we want to ensure that the child’s personality is reflected throughout the event. One of the ways we achieve this is by creating a custom logo and possibly a tag […]

Technology at Weddings

There is a great deal of debate about technology at weddings. The average wedding guest owns a smart phone with a camera and is ready to take pictures at the wedding. The question becomes, do you let guests take images at the ceremony, at the reception, or do you encourage them to be in the […]

2016 Wedding Dress Trends for the New York Bride

As a New York and New Jersey Wedding planner, it is essential for me to stay on top of wedding dress trends for my brides! The 2016 wedding dress trends are elaborate, elegant, and embellished. Brides are saying goodbye to the traditional strapless wedding gowns and saying hello to elegant A-lines, open backs, and lots […]

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

I read a lot of articles about the pros of hiring a professional wedding planner. I do not believe I have seen any that mention the ‘cons’ about hiring a wedding planner! If you ask any of my former clients they would all agree that working with a top wedding planning firm was one of […]