Fireworks at wedding at Canoe Brook Country Club, Summit, NJ

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner in Summit, New Jersey helps a bride out of a car.I read a lot of articles about the pros of hiring a professional wedding planner. I do not believe I have seen any that mention the ‘cons’ about hiring a wedding planner! If you ask any of my former clients they would all agree that working with a top wedding planning firm was one of the best wedding related decisions they made.

A professional wedding planner has extensive knowledge of the vendors and venues in the area you are searching. I have saved clients countless hours in researching wedding venues and vendors. So many retain me after they had disappointing visits to a venue they researched online, only to arrive for a site inspection and to think that they photos they saw online must have been taken decades ago. A top wedding planner will ask the right questions to gain a full understanding of what is most important to a bride and groom. Questions beyond whether or not you want a luxury ballroom wedding, a modern art gallery wedding, a rustic barn, etc. I ask where you love to shop for your clothing and home décor. What is your favorite restaurant? What is your favorite neighborhood in NYC? What is your favorite vacation spot? How would you describe the style you would like your wedding to be? Classic, funky, chic, urban, vintage, sassy. Another very important question is budget. Based upon your answers I present a refined list of recommended venues that are vetted for date availability and budget. So rather than wasting time doing online searches and then in person site inspections, trust an event planner to do the leg work for you. You never know, in the time it took you to do the research, another couple may have booked the date you wanted!